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Lone Wolf
26 June 2008 @ 12:09 pm

This is only the beginning...

Scorched Earth picks up after the season four midseason finale. Finding the promised land ruined and virtually lifeless, the fleet has a decision to make; stay or leave.

While the military starts to scour the planet for a habitable area, the civilians try to accept the cylons amongst them. But things are never easy; dissent soon starts to set in.

Scorched Earth: a BSG RPG is a freeform roleplay game. All gameplay and OOC (out of character) talk is on one forum, and it is fun for both new and experienced players. There are plenty of canon characters available and original (made-up) characters are more than welcomed.

Established over four years ago, the Scorched Earth BSG RPG (previously nameless) is one of the oldest Battlestar Galactica 2005 online roleplay games. We hope that this run will be as entertaining as past runs have been, and we always look forward to new players.

More details can be found at our website: http://www.battlestargalacticarpg.com

Urgently needed canon characters: Admiral Adama, Laura Roslin, Six, Colonel Tigh
Lone Wolf
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You spend most of your time
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(This list displays the top 10 results out of a possible 21 characters)

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Lone Wolf
10 June 2008 @ 04:05 pm
Behold... My Future
  I will marry Jason Behr.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in California in our fabulous House.  
  We will have 5 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a purple Mustang.
  I will spend my days as a actor, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future

Lone Wolf
07 June 2008 @ 12:48 pm
Yahoo! Avatars
Lone Wolf
05 June 2008 @ 01:28 pm
As tagged by goth_huntress

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post, the player then tags five people, and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment, letting them know they've been tagged.
4. Let the person who tagged you know when you've posted your answer.

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Lone Wolf
23 May 2008 @ 09:50 pm
Four days. Just four days after Mal kicked bester off Serenity and hired Kaylee they were in the air... Serenity was actually in the air. Kara was in her element' for now. She knew deep down they needed another pilot, she and Mal were partners, and they worked together. Which meant that there was no one around to have Serenity ready if things didn't go so well.

It wasn't as though they intended to get into scrapes and tight spots, but they were known to happen... and things like that had a habit of following her around. For the moment, however she was content to be flying again.

Kara'd lifted Serenity off the ground gentle as a bird ... one that didn't make those vigorous flapping motions and flap into things on takeoff, too. He'd got them a decent contract, shipping agri supplies out to New Horizons. Of course, that's what the paperwork called the planet, now trying to be all respectable like now it was supposed to be on the alliance flick, but the man hiring him had been happily calling the place "Crotch." No pretensions ... much more his sort of place. Of course, there was under alliance control and under alliance control; the agri supplies would be useful, but the black market template constructor stashed inside one of their bulkheads, that'd get them a pretty penny more.

Still, they were up. Flying. Flying free, in fact; he'd spent a fair amount of time up on the bridge, staring out the window. He'd seen more worlds than he'd liked during the war, all of them in a bad way, but he'd never had the chance to just sit and watch. Of course, Kara was off busy a lot of the time too; Kaylee knew more about engines and technical stuff than Mal cared to think about, and Kara was helping her out. He'd been banished from the engine room after trying to help .... how did he know that bit didn't like being prodded with a screwdriver?

Still, she was up on the bridge now, as they were getting near some gravitational eddy they'd need to move the ship round, and he had a fancy to watch her work. So, he'd done a little work in the kitchen, then set off for the bridge, clutching two steaming mugs, a third waiting in the galley for Kaylee whenever she was ready. Of course, he'd had to trade in a few belongings to get it... but he had a feeling that as his crew was two thirds female, having enough of the best powdered hot drinking chocolate he could find aboard to last three months would help keep things running happy.

The hatch to the bridge was open, so he stepped carefully over the raised step. "Hey there, darlin'. Thought you could do with this, seein' as you're going to be doin' the hard work for a while..."

She looked over and couldn't hide the broad smile that spread across her face. With all the work they'd been doing on Serenity, they'd hardly had but a minute to spend in one another's company. And what little time they did manage usually found one of them sound asleep before they could even talk. She took the offered mug, her smile growing wider. "Gods this is just what I need..." She took a sip, groaning a little.

She had to keep her attention on the controls, despite her making it look effortless. "We've got a large gravity well a few hundred clicks ahead... not an uncommon anomaly... but they can be tricky." She gave him a reassuring smile. "They can also be very handy... how'd you like to get to Crotch a day early and on half the fuel?" her smile widened into a feral grin, eyes sparkling.

Dear lords, but whenever she groaned... He sat down quickly in the co-pilot seat, trying to avoid spilling hot chocolate down himself in the process. "I thought you could do with a drop. Got to look after my gi... " He tried to cover, frantically. "Crew, after all..."

"So those old nav charts we paid out for are already makin' themselves useful? Or..." He gave her a quirky half-grin. "Or is that the intrepid Starbuck talking of usin' her secret pilot knowledge to bounce us well ahead and confound everyone with her derring-do?" He didn't have much idea what derring-do was, but it was in one of those old talking films and sounded like something she'd do.

So, a day early and half the fuel... that'd be a nice bit of extra cash to throw in the pot, and it'd get them a good reputation. He sipped from his mug, and grinned. "Saving us time and money... not bad. Not to bad at all, darlin'."

"Well... then I suggest you finish up that mug and strap in. I'll show you a little trick." She drank a good portion of her own mug before reaching for the comm. "Buckle yourself in somewhere Kaylee... it might get a touch bumpy in the next few minutes." She finished her mug and set it down on the floor.

He polished off his chocolate in fairly short order, watching her work as much as he did the view out of the window. He wedged his empty mug against a convenient control, and asked "So will this little trick be as impressive as the last?"

He strapped himself in, and couldn't help saying "So when you say bumpy ... you mean..."

"I think you'll be fairly impressed..." She gave him a saucy wink. "And by bumpy I mean hang on tight. Going to use a little trick I learned at the academy, with small craft its used as an emergency measure, can shake them right apart. Big ships like battlestars, doesn't work, their mass is just too great, but Serenity, she's just the right size." She commented as she maneuvered Serenity so that they were heading straight into the gravity well, picking up speed.

He chuckled at her wink... and then realized what she was saying. "Ta ma de..." He shifted his feet under the console and braced against the support struts as the gravity well started to seize hold of the ship.

"Kara, this is our nice new ship here... you break it and kill me, I'm going to be a mite upset..." Well, this was going to be interesting ... and just how sure was she of the ships mass. He drew a breath in, and waited for the ride to get bumpy. Well ... bumpier.

She kept focused as they neared the edge, reversing the thrusters just enough to hold position, letting Serenity swing around the center of the well, shaking, but holding up well. After the ship began to swing around faster, she adjsuted the thrusters, spinning round and punching out, the small ship rocketing back out into space, cruising at nearly three times the speed they had been going previously, with thrusters cut. She looked over ad Mal and gave him a wink. "There ya go..." She couldn't help an amused chuckle at the expression on his face.

He was awful glad that he didn't suffer from motion sickness, the way the ship had bounced and juddered around on the way into the well... and back out again. Even so, he couldn't help feeling that his eyes were about to fall out of the front of his head.

"That's some real fancy flying' .... Are you going to be doing that a lot?" Her grin was infectious, and he couldn't help grinning back. "After all, you already make my life excitin' even when you aren't playin' with the vast and immutable forces of nature..."

"Only if you want me to... and we're not carrying something thats likely to make a mess..." She laughed, setting the ship on autopilot as it rode out the momentum of the slingshot. "Likely won't need to draw on the engines for a good half a day.

"That's good ... it'll give Kaylee more timr to shake 'em down, make sure she knows what makes this old girl tick." He dropped on hand on her shoulder, squeezing gently. "You're one hell of a pilot, Kara. There anythin' you aren't good at?"

"Lots of things... but... nothing that matters really..." She gave him a smile, a hint of sadness in her eyes for a brief moment. "What say we enjoy the rest of the day... cook up something to eat and just be lazy a couple hours..."

He saw a flicker in her eyes, a quick look that reminded him of things he'd rather forget. "That sounds mighty fine to me, Kara." He wasn't quite sure what to do ... but if you can't do somethin' right, to something right now. Or somesuch. He tugged her up out of the chair easily, one arm going around her waist. "A little celebration sounds like just the thing."

She laughed as he tugged her up and swept her into an almost embrace. She took the liberty of pushing her limit and leaning in to plant a kiss on his cheek as they walked to the galley. "So... you gonna teach me how to cook?"

"Well now, that depends..." He shot her a quick grin, unable to help himself after that electric touch to his cheek. "What're you gonna teach me?" He bent and kissed her lightly on the forehead, steering them around the junction of the corridor towards the Galley

The easy banter and gentle affection was warm and comforting, familiar.. yet not. Thing had rarely ever come this easy... "What do you want me to teach you." She couldn't hide the almost seductive purr in her voice.

Lord, but he loved that voice, that throaty almost-purr. "What I'd like..." He had top stop himself short. Friends, remember? "Why don't you let me think on that one a while?"

"Alright... but don't make me wait too long..."

He stopped, one hand on the hatch trigger to the galley, his other arm snugged around that perfect waist. He kept her moving a little ahead of him, but didn't trigger the hatch straight away, instead just looking at her.

She turned to look at him, inquisitive eyes trying to read his expression. Lords but he was handsome... not to mention fun loving, kind hearted... and damned sexy... she had to fight the thoughts of the few times they had been together back when they first met up... before they had bought serenity... they had both pulled back then... but the feel of his hands on her still haunted her and made her ache and gods she had to stop thinking about it or he would know exactly what she was thinking...
"I don't like you lookin' sad, darlin'..." He was practically whispering, Kara tucked against him as the galley hatch turned the end of the corridor into a quiet alcove. She was so damned beautiful. "Angel like you shouldn't never have to look sad..." He couldn't help himself. She could push away if she wanted. He leaned his head forward to rest against hers, forehead to forehead; then, he dropped his head a little further and kissed her softly, keeping his touch gentle.

Her hands came up against his shoulders, hesitating a moment before slipping around his neck. She kissed him back, slow and gentle, her heart racing but her actions were tender.

He felt her hands slip around his neck, the touch achingly familiar from before, when they'd been together back on that dismal little world. He let go ofthe hatch control and let his hand instead float across to her, a finger stroking first through the hair of her temple and then down along the line of her ear, the kiss achingly sweet.

She let out a soft, contented sigh, letting herself sink into the kiss, savoring, each light brush of his lips over hers leaving her wanting more, the gentle caress of his hands making her want to scream at him to take her... If she could only admit to herself that she actually felt something more then friendship for him she just might have...

His hand ghosted down, stroking the side of her neck softly before moving down along the line of her back, touch just heavy enough to be felt through her clothes, his breath coming in short, soft noises as he let the kiss linger.

She tried to fight the emotion surging within her... tried to fight the fears of past relationships gone wrong... of losing someone she let get too close... She had fallen for her best friend and it ended up devastating their relationship... not because they gave in to that new level... but because they both fought it, tooth and nail, trying to hand on to something good, just in case better didn't work out... she couldn't go through that again... she couldn't take losing another friend. She pulled away slowly, her forehead pressed to his as she fought to get her breathing under control. "Mal... There... there's something I need to tell you..."
Lone Wolf
23 May 2008 @ 09:48 pm
They'd hired a full-time mechanic and engineer, a guy named Bester. Pale-haired and tanned, he had a reputation as a genius mechanic; Mal wasn't so keen on him wandering around all shirtless and tanned in front of Kara, but it wasn't something he could stop without looking like he was jealous and possessive with no good cause to be.

He'd put his foot down as best he could with Kara, though; no more repair work that involved hitting anything with hammers, wrenches, pry bars or her head ... at least until her finger had healed up some. Course, no-one could tell Kara what to do when she had her mind set against it, but he'd managed to at least point her in the direction of the systems wiring, rather than the hard components themselves. Running wires and switching circuit boards didn't usually involve hitting things with hammers... although he kept off the bridge for a while, just in case.

He'd managed to secure them plenty of rations that looked to be decent quality and fresh food whilst they were in dock. It felt strange, having Bester aboard; where before there'd been a comfortably easy feeling, almost cozy come mealtimes when it'd just been two of them, now he seemed to be on edge. Of course, it didn't help none that Bester obviously thought Kara was worth considerably more than a once over. Still, she was her own woman; she wanted to take him up on his not-so-silent offer; that was her prerogative, not his.

He'd scrounged a remarkable amount of furniture, most of it old but still good; couches and chairs dotted one corner of the cavernous main bay, and a rugged little all terrain vehicle of the MULE pattern now hung from securing chains in that same bay. Next to what had once been the main med bay was a small room that seemed pretty fine for somewhere to sit, seeing as it could be compartmentalized, so he'd added a couple of leather couches and some odds and ends there, plus other bits for the crew quarters, empty or not.

Soon, they'd be ready to launch. That meant he should really be finding some sort of work for them.

It had taken her hours to get the wiring straightened out. There were more hacks and patches on the wiring than she'd ever seen on all of the G's old Mark II's put together. Theoretically, all she needed to do was to fire her up and things should run smooth. She was more than anxious to get the ship powered up and running, get her off the generators. She walked over to the console and started through the ignition sequence... and nothing. Time to track down where the next short was. Taking out the meter she started at the conduit to the bridge console itself... dead as a doornail, which meant that frakwit hadn't managed to get the engines online. She tossed down the meter and headed towards the engine room. "Bester! You better have a frakkin good reason why I've still got no engines online. You promised me they would be online YESTERDAY!" her temper was already flaring and she hadn't actually laid eyes on the supposedly genius mechanic yet.

Bester stood next to the engine shirt off to display his tattoos and coveralls belted around his waist. "What's with the bad karma? The engines'll be fixed when they're ready to be fixed. They ain't ready yet, they're just building up. Can't rush these things ... like a lot of other stuff..." He gave her a long, appraising look from toe to crown, and seemed to preen a little, pulling a pack of cigarettes and a lighter out of the waistband of his coveralls.

With eyes blazing angrily she snatched the cigarettes from his hand. "I want those engines fixed now. Actually I want them fixed yesterday. And I don't want to hear that it can't be done..."
Apollo: "Oh, it can be done... just need parts, which I've gotta go to town for. Maybe pick up a few other supplies as well..." He looked at his cigarettes, not even phased by her. "Stealings bad karma, you know?"

She waved them beneath his nose. "Consider these... insurance. You get them back when I get power to the bridge... you understand that?" angrily she knocked on his head for emphasis. She was more than a little riled up, bordering on the adrenaline high she used to get from combat...

"Don't be like that ... surely you don't need to try and ride me so hard, pretty lady. Well... at least, unless that's what you're into..." He gave her a broad grin, all easy confidence, and cocked his head at an angle probably designed to be charming or whimsical.

She was pretty sure her eyes would roll right out of her head, he didn't' honestly think that would work on her, did he? "Save the charm grease monkey, you're not my type, just get my frakkin engines fixed" Gods what she wouldn't do to have Cally or the chief around, the Serenity would have been in the air weeks ago...

He looked a little deflated at that, but shrugged and went back to the engines anyway, idly turning the main drive unit and poking various bits of it with a long-bladed screwdriver. "It ain't no big thing. We'll be off the ground before you know it, all alone in space..."

"Now that is what I'm looking forward to... space... after all, that's what this ship was built for..." she grated out as she turned to leave the engine room.

He grunted, already too busy poking at the engines to pay any attention to what she was saying, one hand scratching reflectively at the back of his head.

She stuck the cigarettes into the jacket of her pocked and stalked out, heading back towards the bridge.

Mal had been planning to be up on the bridge for the launch, but the hwoon dahn mule had come loose, and he'd been forced to lash it back into place. He'd come bustling up the passageway, all keen and eager ... only to see Kara walking away from the engine room, looking all hot and bothered. That made him stop and stand as still as he could so that he wouldn't be noticed.

She was so pissed off she didn't even pay any attention to her surroundings. Gods damned idiot... she was beginning to wonder if he knew an engine from a bottle of tanning lotion... her mood was completely ruined. She found herself heading back to her quarters for a shower.... she needed to clear her head before she started ripping pieces off of the would be mechanic.

He stood in the corridor like a gorram idiot for a few minutes, before heading down and around the corner towards his quarters. He'd done everything he could to make this place perfect ... and he'd managed it, by bringing Bester aboard. Now, Kara had what she wanted ... and it wasn't him. He shouldn't feel like this of course, because they were just friends.

Two hours later she was back on the bridge, checking the power relay once more, she fought the urge to scream in frustration. Still no power… "Frakkin idiot..." she muttered before calling out to Mal who was working in the galley. "Mal! Go find out why I've still go no frakkin power up here.... this is really startin to piss me off.

He couldn't make out what it was that he'd just heard, but it sounded like Kara calling out. Great. Now she was going at it with Bester in the middle of the day, loud enough to reach him even here in the galley. He should just ignore it; accept that she was moving on. After all, he kept telling himself that they'd made no promises, regardless of whatever her looks meant. That was the sensible thing to do. He wasn't feeling particularly sensible ... so instead, he took himself of to engineering. He didn't have to put up with Bester around - him, he could throw off the ship.

She poked her head out from the bridge, having not heard a response, "gods it figures.... why, twice in one frakkin day, do I have to go deal with that idiot." This time she made sure she kept the wire cutters in hand as she made her way to engineering

No sooner had he opened the hatch to the engineering compartment than he heard them; by the sounds of it , the two of them were going at it right between the main engine drive cylinders.

She made her way through the galley, taking a look around... she could have sworn Mal had been here just a minute ago, and the half cut up vegetables spoke even louder to that effect, but where the frak had he gone? She shrugged, a little confused, and started on her path to the engineering compartment.

"Alright Bester, you can drag your scrawny ass off my boat - I aint' havin' you aboard her..." He started to bellow as he set out into engineering, only to splutter into embarrassed silence as he discovered that the woman braced between both cylinders and hanging on to him for dear life wasn't Kara - not unless her hair had gotten a mite longer than he remembered.

Kara walked into engineering just a few moments after Mal, commenting over his shoulder. "Well... that explains why I still have no power on the bridge...

"That's not you ... you're not..." He did a double take. "Bester, who the hell is that gorram prairie harpy you brought on board my ship??"
Lone Wolf
23 May 2008 @ 09:47 pm
The Serenity was taking shape more and more each passing day. Kara, oddly enough, turned out to have more than a basic grasp of shipboard engineering, and a very thorough grasp of what it took to keep salvage operators honest. Mal had a strict policy on bloodstained clothing; so long as it wasn't his blood, he didn't ask. He'd made himself useful, looming behind Kara as needed for the first couple of days, and the workers had got the idea they were a unit pretty damn quick.

Unfortunately, that left him with a mite less too do since they'd gotten that idea. So Mal had been forced to improvise. Kara weren't doing much more than sleeping, eating and working, which meant he had free run of the ship, outside the areas she was working on. Well, Kara was building him a ship... And given that she was building the ship, he felt he ought to do his part to at least make it a little homier. Point of fact, he was feeling positively domestic as he wandered up to the bridge ... right up to the point where he heard cussing and swearing in terms he'd never even heard before.

"Gods damned motherfrakking sonofabitch." Kara slipped out from beneath the console, dusty, dirty and smudged with grease, rubbing her knuckles. The sensor relay should have been a simple refit, but so far it had cost her several hours, one faulty relay, scraped knuckles and she was pretty sure she just broke her little finger.

He strode up on the short flight of stairs to the bridge with a deliberately cheerful expression. "Why darlin', you're sounding just a mite out of sorts." Springing onto the bridge, he tried to keep a smile off his face as he took in the sight of her, dirty, smeared, smudged, bruised, tangled, and all together too fine-looking for words.

"Frakkin relay... thing was jammed in so tight it wouldn't budge so I had to give up on the friendly persuasion." She carefully cradled her injured hand in the palm of the other, very carefully, yet discretely probing along the finger to see if it was indeed broken.

He made a show of looking around the bridge, even going so far as to poke his head under the console. "Well, I don't see a great big hammer lyin' around anywhere ... so what'd you hit it with?" Knowing her, sheer force of personality...

"The wrench..." She commented casually. "Though I did slip once..."

"And decided to hit your finger instead of our expensive mechanical components? See, that's why I'm glad you're the engineer and I'm just the pretty face, I ain't up to makin' difficult decisions like that." He smiled, and gestured towards her injured finger. "If you've broken that, it'll make it harder for you to eat the delicious meal I just cooked up for us ... assumin' you don't want to put off eatin' in favour of beating some more of the ship..."

"You cooked dinner? I'm impressed. Given that I’ve not eaten since I started on the relay... it sounds pretty good right about now."

"Well, everyone has a skill..." Well, to say he'd cooked dinner was an exaggeration. In fact, he was probably having about as easy a time with the food heating unit and the pre-packed meals as she was with the sensor relays. That didn't matter, though; he was more interested in seeing what she thought of the changes he'd made down in the galley.

She smiled, nearly chuckling thinking how many times she'd used that exact same line. "Come on, lets get us some food then... that relay’s not going anywhere and I don't have to worry about it getting cold."

"See, that's what I love about you, you're not choosy when it comes to eatin'". He spoke over his shoulder as he headed back down the stairs to the main corridor ... and tried hard not to kick himself for his slip. Last thing he wanted was Kara feeling pressured when they were about to head off into space. Just friends, he reminded himself. That's all; just friends.

She lightly bit her lip to stop the smile that threatened to split her face in two. Just hearing him say that; even if it wasn’t in the context she wanted to hear it... made her heart race. She wouldn’t jeopardize things with him by telling him how she felt. She would far rather take the casual, comfortable relationship they had now rather than go spouting off her feelings for him and driving him away. A mistake she'd made too often in the past. She followed him into the galley, eyes going wide as they stepped inside. "Gods, someone's been busy."

"Hi honey, you're home... I made dinner!" He made a mock bow, fluttering his eyelashes and gesturing towards the meal he'd laid out, on the new table he'd acquired from Lofty, surrounded by some eight-odd new chairs. Rough and ready, it belonged in a farmhouse rather than a starship, but it felt right to him. Of course, that's assuming that she actually didn't mind him going around buying such things out of their communal funds; well, her funds, really, she being the one who won the game in the first place. And she'd not tried the food yet...

Well, so much for stifling the smile. "It looks incredible. Like a real home..." She bit her lip a little, she remembered a friend of hers when she was just a kid. They'd had a big table just like this one... and Kara could still imagine the wonder of the whole family eatin together... she just got her meals on a TV tray in the corner of the room... they didn’t even have a kitchen table. Now staring at the wooden beauty, she finally felt like she had a home.

"Well, I'd sit you at the head of the table, but I don't want you gettin' no ideas about who the man in this family is..." He gave her a huge grin. She'd called it a home. Not a ship, not a boat ... a home. He walked over to the nearest chair at the top end of the long edge of the table, and hiked it out for her to sit on. Before she could give him an evil look, he had to add "Only because I don't want that finger of yours gettin' any worse before you fix my ship, of course..."

She smirked a little, giving him a wink. "OUR ship..." she corrected teasingly as she brushed past him, taking the offered chair. once seated she pulled out a roll of electrical tape from her tool belt and tore off a couple of strips, using them to bind her now purple and slightly swollen baby finger to the one next to it, effectively immobilizing it for the time being.

He busied himself some in the galley, hiking out various bowls to serve up in, before giving her a considering look, and filling another with hot water. He started ferrying them back and forth from the galley stove to the table, right up until she made to reach for one, at which point he slapped her lightly on her good hand. "Now now - no eatin' til you wash your hands." He gave her his best imitation of a prim look, fighting the urge to grin.

"Yes dad” she teased, getting up to go over to the small sink, nudging the tap on, which spluttered to life slowly. "Better add check plumbing to the to do list..." s he called over her shoulder as she washed, very careful of her damaged hand. She grabbed a towel and dried her hands, walking back over to the table. Free of the dozen layers of dirt, grease and general grunge, she could get a good look at her hand, which was several mottled shades of purple.

As soon as he got a good look at her hand, he stopped serving and instead took hold of her hand gently at the wrist, bringing it up to where he could see. "That looks broken to me - we'd better get you to see the station sawbones. I don't want you off work, given you're the one who claims to understand how this ship works." He realised he was keeping hold of her wrist longer than he needed to, and let go; she'd got funny about the idea of seeing a doctor before, and if it came down to it ... he'd need both hands to block her swing at him, as she had a fearsome hook when riled up.

"It'll heal, not much a doc can do I haven't already done." She tried to make it seem as light as possible. but truth was her hand was hurting like hell... not so much from the break, she'd done that before, but it felt like her knuckle might just be dislocated as well.

"Kara..." he fought to keep the irritation out of his voice. Damn, but she could be stubborn. "That knuckle looks like it's dislocated to me, and it's gonna hurt like hell to fix. We've got enough foldin' money that we can afford to get a sawbones to do it..."

She looked up, locking eyes with him, prepared to fight tooth and nail on the matter, but the genuine concern in his eyes made her falter. "You know I don't like doctors..."

"The alternative is I try and fix it myself, and it's been a while since I had to do that... and we're not on a battlefield. I've heard you talk about flyin', remember ... do you really want to risk your hands?" He'd do it if he had too, but the idea of causing her that much hurt ... well, it didn't sit right with him.

"Alright... but you have to come with me... I know its crazy but I'll just feel better if you're there..."

"That's a given. Ain't lettin' you out of my sight." He started to pack the food away; that could wait. Main thing was getting her fit and whole again.

She just nodded, fighting the nauseated feeling... She wasn’t sure if it was from the pain in her hand, or from the thought of going to see a doctor about it. Lords she'd known Doc Cottle back on the G for years and she STILL had trouble going to see him... never mind a complete stranger...

"Kara?" He managed to move up next to her again without her noticing. She must be seriously distracted, and given the way she'd ignored broken ribs, it wasn't pain likely to be doing it. He took her hand carefully in his again, avoiding her injured finger. "Would you rather the two of us tried to fix it here?"

She nodded. "Yeah.... I would... ‚” She looked at him, eyes almost pleading.

"OK darlin', you ever had a dislocated finger before?" He moved her down to the far end of the table, gently pushing her down into one of the chairs. If she didn't want the doctor that badly, then he'd do his best. One of the things they'd agreed on was not to answer any questions they didn't want too; she didn't want to talk about doctors, he wouldn't ask.

She nodded "A couple of times..." Well more than a couple... but she wasn't ready to talk about that, nor about the questions that would come if a doctor x-rayed her hands...

"OK. First things first ... if you're finger is goin' blue anywhere, or if any part of it's numb, we're goin' to the Doc. No arguments, ok?" He moved into the galley, collecting some odds and ends that'd be useful for a splint and bandage.

"Alright..." She set her hand up on the table, carefully unwrapping the tape she’d used to steady the injured finger.

Setting everything out on the table, he took her injured hand in both of his. "This is goin' to hurt, Kara. I don't have anything to give you for it, unless you want some cheap booze..." He kept his finger gentle as it probed at her finger and knuckle. No sign of it going blue, at least...

She drew in a sharp breath, steeling her expression. "I'll be ok... just do it..."

He made sure that she was in front of him, and moved her finger so that it was slightly flexed, trying to ignore her hiss of pain. He moved one hand so that it was holding the tip of her finer, and the other he rested below the base of her finger. Then, in a sharp motion, he drew the finger forward as if trying to pull it into a straight line, other hand pushing the joint back into place.

"FRAK!" She yelped, but kept her hand steady. Ok, now she was pretty sure she was going to be sick..... But thankfully the pain passed quickly. She could feel the sweat trailing down the back of her neck, her heart still racing. "How's it look?"

He ran his fingers over her injured one slowly. There didn't seem to be any fluid swelling the joint, so maybe the blood vessels were ok. "Not too bad, considerin' ... how's it feel? Any numbness?"

"Right about now... I only wish, hurts like a sonofabitch

"Well, it don't look to bad at all. It swells up or starts changin', you're going to see the doc, though." He improvised up a padded bandage, and taped her little finger to the finger next to it.

"Thank you...” she said softly. It was a think you for not only understanding her, but for not forcing her to the doc as well

He nodded, not trusting himself to answer with her looking at him like that, all vulnerable. Kara didn't do vulnerable; she was pretty much the strongest woman he'd met ... maybe even more than Zoë. "Don't thank me ... until you've tried the food. I ain't exactly no gourmet chef, you know."

"Anything beats dried ration packs... and my cooking” she added... she was ahorrible cook, mostly from lack of trying, living i the military one didnt have muc opportunity to cook more than instant noodles once in a while

"Well, come try some. It should still be mostly hot... the bits that are supposed to be." He made a point of holding her chair out again, but when she went for the eating irons, he batted her hands away. "Nope. Not having you strain that finger none." Picking up his own, he offered her a forkful of food from one of the still steaming bowls. "Besides... I want to make sure it's safe to eat first, and I ain't got no pigeons to try it on..."

She gave him an almost flirty smile. "Talk about service... careful I might get used to being waited on..." She teased.

He grinned back at her. "Well, only so long as you go on breaking bones and suchlike."

She bit her lip a little. "Don't get used to it..."

"You still haven't tried the food yet... I'm gettin' worried..." Lords, but she looked pretty when she bit her lower lip like that. Even more so, because it was so obviously natural.

She leaned in and snagged the forkful "Mmm gods, that’s pretty good...

He helped himself to a forkful, and loaded up another for her. Not too bad. Not great, but not too bad. Of course, he really shouldn't tease her with the next forkful...